5 reasons why should you choose Plumm as your team’s shared inbox

If we were to identify the first thing that definitely makes it difficult for teams involved with SaaS projects, it would be communication distraction and the use of multiple tools. Switching between one tool to another, replying to users on different channels, and communicating with the team via other methods can be frustrating and distracting for employees. Think about how beautiful it would be if all these features were available in one place. Fortunately, it is possible! Explore Plumm and find out why you should choose this option for your team.

Explore Plumm

Current technological possibilities definitely allow us to facilitate everyday activities. We can automate processes, synthesize them, and choose solutions that are convenient for us and ensure comfortable work. One of the most important tools that will help you work efficiently is the inbox, which allows you to connect communication channels with customers as well as the entire team in all SaaS projects.

Why is it important? Each developing company that wants to be counted on the market must have communication (both external and internal) at a sufficiently high level. Synchronization of all channels in one interface allows for efficient service of both users and potential customers. This ensures that no one is left behind in communication.

Such solutions are provided by Plumm, an application that is a shared inbox as well as a platform for team communication. This means that it helps to centralize all support channels under one platform. What are the benefits of using Plumm?

#1 Support for multiple SaaS projects in one interface

Switching between instant messaging and the tools used to manage various SaaS projects takes a lot of time. You could instead spend this time on improving and developing projects or other activities that require more commitment. Fortunately, at Plumm, you can gather all communication channels from individual SaaS projects in a very simple way. 

This gives you quick and easy access to communicate with other colleagues, as well as all customers on a single platform. There is no need to switch tabs or open multiple windows. You also don’t need to log in to different platforms and then remember to log out of each. Plumm lets you do it all on one platform with one view.

#2 Get the context

Getting to know your customers better will help you efficiently handle requests. Thanks to the functionality available in Plumm, you have the chance to get to know the context of the user and the company. To do so, you have the option of embedding JavaScript parameters. By knowing the user’s context, you will have the chance to create an individual solution. Moreover, access to contexts is available not only to the employee who directly contacts a given user, but also to other colleagues who need such information.

#3 Use an e-mail shared inbox

Email is a key communication channel for most businesses. Lack of news or failure to solve a problem in a timely manner only causes customer dissatisfaction, which builds a bad opinion about the company. That’s why it is so important to synchronize communication channels in one place. Efficient e-mail management avoids the stress and hassle of having multiple inboxes.

With Plumm, all of your inboxes for any project can be in one place, which helps you provide high-level assistance to users. This enables not only quick communication with your clients from various projects, but also with colleagues, regardless of whether that means 2 or 500 people.

You don’t need to use separate tools for each team. You can sync G Suite email accounts (even if you have a separate account for each project). Plumm also allows you to add a live chat widget to each project, thus streamlining customer service. It will reach the next level, because each potential customer can quickly communicate with the company.

#4 Provide live chat customer support

If you have multiple projects, campaigns, or websites that all require live chat support, you can simply transfer them all to Plumm. You don’t need any additional live chat software, since you can handle all kinds of messages in one place. You will also be able to see if any of your coworkers have read a message, and if any action has been taken because of it. 

To add live chat to your project, simply copy the code from Plumm and paste it into the structure of your SaaS website. The user context also appears in live chat. 

#5 Expand team collaboration

Plumm provides the perfect environment for teamwork. By gathering your team on the Plumm platform, colleagues can see the details as well as the moving parts of your company’s communication and individual projects, thus facilitating work. You can create teams according to your needs: divided into thematic teams, departments, or concerning one specific problem. It all depends on the way you work.

Working on one platform, the team can share comments, discuss bugs, share drafts, and assign tickets. Additionally, each user has access to users’ contexts. The whole team can get to know and understand any user who has a specific problem. A functional ticketing system and Kanban board allow for ongoing error control and evaluation of sales opportunities.

In addition to team discussions, Plumm also allows private conversations between individual employees.

Currently using alternatives?

Plumm compares favorably with other shared inbox platforms. It offers a number of features that are not built into most tools of this type. It differs from the competition in the following ways: 

  • synchronizing communication channels (both inbox and live chat) of many SaaS products in one place, 
  • placing a live chat widget on the websites of all SaaS projects,
  • conducting internal discussions, as well as providing answers to the most frequently asked questions in these discussions,
  • conducting internal communication through non-standard channels. 

An additional advantage is, of course, the cost of the application, which is only $10 per month per user.


The collection of all support channels under one platform is a great convenience both for people working in companies and for freelancers running various SaaS projects. By centralizing everything in one place, Plumm increases the chance that you will not lose a potential customer because you will notice all e-mails and requests for help. You will also save valuable time that you do not have to spend switching between tools. You can create your working environment at Plumm in an extremely simple and intuitive way, and cooperation with others is extremely easy. Try Plumm for your business today.

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