Assign Team to Chat, Create Tickets & Track Progress

Full team management for customer success ensuring your leads and users are dealt with in good time and with great effect. Having a shared inbox with Plumm makes it incredibly easy to not only assign team members to a support conversation but to also create tickets and track the progress with a Kanban board.

This makes it incredibly straightforward and easy to answer support questions even if you have multiple SaaS projects on the go. Infact, as your SaaS projects grow in terms of user base and team members, Plumm is the ideal partner to assist with this growth.

The last thing you need is to have leads who are not being replied to and support tickets not be addressed as you start to scale your business. A shared inbox and team chat functionality ensure nothing is lost in the mix.

Check out this quick how-to video below that shows you how you can assign team members, create tickets and track ticket progress.

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