Change Your Email Signature & Offline Email Response

Early-stage SaaS projects require you to wear multiple-hats. These hats need to be displayed when you are talking to specific individuals outside of the project. For example you may need to be a Sales Manager for one email and you may need to be the PR manager to reply to an offline live-chat message.

With Plumm you can quickly and easily change your email signature on the fly so that you can be sure the person you are speaking to will feel that they are speaking to the right person.

What happens with a live-chat message that comes in but that person is now offline? Don’t worry, with Plumm you automatically send an email response if the person is not live, alternatively, you can also manually send the message as an email too, just incase the original response email was missed.

Below is a short how-to video to show you both of these features in action.

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