Live chat software for customer support

Make it easier than ever for your users to get the help and assistance they need with live chat.

shared inbox for email

Collaborate with your team, easily

Use Plumm for easy team collaboration across your email support channels - live chat too! - no matter the size of your team. From 2 - 500, we scale as your scale.
shared inbox for live chats

Multiple live chats, no problem

If you have multiple projects, campaigns or websites that all need to have live chat support then you can simply pull them all into Plumm. Easy collaboration, happy customers.

User context for instant insight

No matter what page a user contacts you via live chat, you can get instant insight into the user. Including basic HTTP information and any JSON parameters that you set.

Great FAQs creates happy customers

Answer live chat messages quickly with easy to share FAQs for common questions. Save time, get users through their issue and resume business as usual for them.

Ticketing system and kanban boards

Collaboration requires information, by assigning team members to live chats and creating tickets for their issues you can monitor progress. No user is forgotten about, happy users all around.
support tickets

Respecting Privacy

As a company, Plumm strives to have the respect for user privacy that we’d like in every service we personally use.

You can find a plain English privacy policy here.

I really like Plumm because I don't have to jump between multiple email and live chat accounts for my different SaaS products, now I can easily chat with all of my customers using single interface. It really saves me a lot of time.

Wiktor, Co-Founder, Indie Hacker


Single User
Unlimited SaaS count
Unlimited live chats
1 shared email inbox
All features
Unlimited SaaS count
Unlimited live chats
Unlimited email inboxes
All features


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