Great LiveChat Alternative for your SaaS: Plumm

See what makes Plumm the best alternative to LiveChat as your shared inbox platform.

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Embed our smart live chat widgets on your SaaS projects' pages

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Features Compared to LiveChat

Plumm provides premium features for all plans making us more affordable than LiveChat
Features Plumm LiveChat
Email Shared Inbox
Many SaaS products Yes X
Real Time Yes Yes
Internal Discussions Yes X
Assignments Yes Yes
Internal FAQ Yes X
Live chats
Many SaaS products Yes X
Real time Yes Yes
Require Email Yes X
Send As Email Yes X
Internal FAQ Yes X
Team communication
Custom channels Yes X
@Mention Yes Yes
Private messages Yes Yes
Email Yes X
Livechat Yes Yes
Single User:

More Users:

Single messaging platform for email, live chat and team conversations from all of your SaaS projects

Chat with your customers and your team using single shared inbox

Stop using multiple services, email accounts, SaaS products, live chats and interfaces at the same time. All conversations can take place in a single place: single shared inbox.

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Learn more about Plumm’s features and what makes us the perfect alternative to LiveChat

All your inboxes from all your projects in a single place

• Add GSuite email accounts from all of your projects
• Add live chat widgets to all of your projects
• Chat with your customers from a single shared place
• Collaborate with your team to work efficiently
• Respond easily using either a live chat or an email

Stop being lost, see clearly:

• Your app's user details (email, phone, name, role)
• Internal notes regarding you app's user/company
• Subscription plan/usage/spend of a user/company
• Link to a user/company admin panel inside your SaaS
• Link to a customer dashboard in Stripe/PayPal
• Sign up or a last seen date for your user or company
• User photo for nicer experience
• and more...

Chat privately with your company members next to your customer discussions to have a context

Invite, assign and communicate with your team members to ensure each ticket or lead is being looked after. Chat with your team right next to the discussion ensuring details are not lost.
shared inbox for live chats

Create discussion channels and chat privately with your team about any of your SaaS

Add department or topic focused channels so that you and your team can communicate effectively, link to chats and get on top of tasks all within a central platform.
shared inbox for live chats

Instant answers to FAQs

Build your internal FAQs library and resolve customers’ questions instantly.


Answer to your live chat questions by email

Don't worry that your live chat answer hasn't been seen by user. Send it easily by email.

send as email

Distribute Communication Workload

Work effectively. Assign team members to support tickets

support tickets

Respecting Privacy

As a company, Plumm strives to have the respect for user privacy that we’d like in every service we personally use.

You can find a plain English privacy policy here.

I really like Plumm because I don't have to jump between multiple email and live chat accounts for my different SaaS products, now I can easily chat with all of my customers using single interface. It really saves me a lot of time.

Wiktor, Co-Founder, Indie Hacker


Single User
Unlimited SaaS count
Unlimited live chats
1 shared email inbox
All features
Unlimited SaaS count
Unlimited live chats
Unlimited email inboxes
All features


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