Support multiple SaaS projects on a single interface

Unite your customer and team communication for all your SaaS projects

shared inbox for email

Unite live chats, emails and team chats on a single interface. Treat it as a team shared inbox for all your SaaS projects.

Start using a single interface for all of your customer support communication

No more switching between different tabs and windows. It is very handy to bring together all of these communication channels in a single place: a single shared communication platform. Stop wasting your time and start working in a more efficient way with your team (or yourself) and with all your customers by using a single source of truth for all your communication.

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Respecting Privacy

As a company, Plumm strives to have the respect for user privacy that we’d like in every service we personally use.

You can find a plain English privacy policy here.

I really like Plumm because I don't have to jump between multiple email and live chat accounts for my different SaaS products, now I can easily chat with all of my customers using single interface. It really saves me a lot of time.

Wiktor, Co-Founder, Indie Hacker


Single User
Unlimited SaaS count
Unlimited live chats
1 shared email inbox
All features
Unlimited SaaS count
Unlimited live chats
Unlimited email inboxes
All features


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